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Websites construction and maintenance
Besides maintaining webservers, we also design, construct and maintain websites. To some this may seem odd for a company that works mainly with systems and maintenance, but as long as we have these resources available and our clients continue to ask for this service, why not? Also, in a number of the cases we not only maintain the website, but also the server that it runs on.

Efficient code
In our opinion, these days, far too many websites are constructed and maintained using so-called "content management systems." These are programs (usually proprietary) that allow web developers to click, drag and drop entire websites into existance in no time. As a result, they often pay any attention whatsoever to the actual code, which is usually pretty sloppy and inefficient as a result.

We don't work like that. All our code complies with W3C standards for maximum compatibility with with the widest range of browsers. We know, because we write it all ourselves. Primitive? No way! Behind the scenes we make heavy use of the latest techniques:

    To build our websites, we only use XHTML (eXtended HyperText Markup Language). More modern than HTML, it has many advantages. For instance, it offers greater cross-browser compatibility and more precise positioning of table information. For our clients, who are then able to reach a wider audience, this translates into better value for money.

  • CSS
    The standard for Cascading Style Sheets is an extention to HTML that allows styles, such as color, font and size, to be specified for certain elements of a hypertext document. Proper use of CSS avoids duplication and makes it easy to create or change a common format for an entire web site. Again, this means a bigger bang for your buck (um, Euro).

  • PHP
    A server-side, scripting language that can be used for everything from the reuse of (X)HTML code to the construction of entire web-based applications. A good example of PHP on this site is the main menu: although it appears on all the pages, only a single instance of it exists in a single file. This makes construction and modification of the menu system a breeze. Here, once more, this kind of efficiency saves money.

Need help?
Confused about virtual servers, and domain names? Has your present website maintainer has left you in the lurch? If so, you've come to the right place! We'd be more than happy to take over the job. Let us know what you want and we'll do it right. We can build you a new site, or we can take over your existing site and build on what you already have. We take pride in how well our sites are constructed and maintained. Also, we don't ask for extravagant prices.