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Saving your money
If you're not sure what to do about automating your company, or suspect some crazy salesman might be trying to sell you something for far too much that you don't really need, give us a call and we'll be happy to come by and give you our take on the situation. Computers represent a substantial investment for any company, so it's a good thing that we have plenty of experience in finding ways that will save you money.

In an industry with such huge breadth and depth, we'll be the first to admit that we don't know everything − nobody does. If you'd like advice from us on a subject that we don't know much about, then we'll be honest and tell you only what we know. There are, of course, a number of areas in which we have substantial knowledge and experience, primarily as system administrators and network technicians:

  • Debian GNU/Linux
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Novell NetWare
  • Lotus Notes
  • Backup systems
  • PC hardware
  • Network hardware
  • Internet connectivity

But, of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many more applications and systems that we have gained experienced with along the way.